International Women’s Day

10 Nov 2017 19:13

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The Territory Families’ International Women’s Day Grants Program is now open for applications from organisations and individuals.

Events and activities will be held to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 next year.

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements and contribution of women across the world.

Territory Families chief executive officer, Ken Davies, says the United Nations International Women’s Day, for which the 2018 theme is Leave No Woman Behind, is also a timely opportunity to call for action to accelerate gender parity.

“Territory Families is committed to improving funding for community groups and this year we have included an additional $20,000 to this grants program, making the total funding available $40,000,” Ken Davies said.

“As an agency, one of our strategic key goals is to partner to empower change, and to encourage and celebrate inclusive, diverse and connected communities. This includes the development of a Gender Equity and Diversity Framework for the Territory.

“We particularly encourage organisations and community leaders in regional and remote areas to apply for a grant so the achievements and rights of all Territory women and girls can be championed no matter where they live.”

The Australian Government first recognised International Women’s Day in 1974 and in 1977 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming March 8 to be a day for women’s rights and international peace.

International Women’s Day grew out of women’s struggle for better working conditions and the right to vote into a movement that sought equality and justice for all women. More recently it has become a time to celebrate change, to reflect on the progress of women’s rights and equality.

This year’s theme to Leave No Woman Behind recognises the vital role that women play in humanitarian and disaster planning and response, the impact disasters have on women and girls, and the important roles that women play in risk reduction, rebuilding, rehabilitation and peace processes.

Grants of up to $3000 are available for activities which:

Celebrate International Women’s Day
Celebrate women’s diversity and social, political and economic achievements
Educate the community about International Women’s Day
Encourage reflection and discussion about issues regarding gender inequality
Encourage community participation in International Women’s Day.
Applications close November 30, 2017 and activities must take place on or around International Women’s Day 2018.

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