Israel Farming Technology in India

11 Nov 2017 06:35

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Indo-Israel Agriculture Project
Based on Israel's unique expertise in Agriculture, India and Israel have signed the Agreement for Agricultural Cooperation in 2006. This evolved into Indo-Israel Agriculture Project (IIAP), implemented by MIDH (Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture) and MASHAV -Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
IIAP's main Goals are:

Ø Increasing crop diversity
Ø Increasing productivity
Ø Increasing resources use efficiency

Within this framework, the State of Israel Farming Technology in India is contributing its best-practices and knowhow, and provides capacity building through professional training programs by MASHAV, conducted both in Israel and in India.
To achieve the goals of the cooperation agreement, it was decided to establish “Agricultural Centers of Excellence” (CoE), funded by both the Federal Government NHM and by individual State Governments, that are also responsible to allocate land and professional manpower.

Agricultural Centers of Excellence
The Centers of Excellence provide a suitable platform for a rapid transfer of technology to the farmers. Protected cultivation, drip irrigation and fertigation, canopy management, nursery production, Integrated Pest Management technologies are demonstrated at the centers and later adopted by the farmers to increase their yields and income.
The Centers of Excellence target both small and large farm holders, thus offering a wide range of agricultural practices in order to enable all to benefit from the new technologies.

Applied Research provides solutions to the farmers, mapping the challenges and adjusts the technology to local conditions.
· Field Extension Officers (SMS) the linking element between the applied research and the farmers. This function is carried out by the government extension officers
· Progressive Farmers are implementing the technologies demonstrated at the Centers and act as role models to other farmers.
· Sustainability- IIAP is a self-sufficient platform in the aspect of HR, accumulated knowledge & operating capabilities.
Israel Farming Technology in India will develop agriculture

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